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Episode Guide

Episode Guide Season 5

A Witch's Tail, Part I & II 
The Charmed Ones are drawn to an innocent mermaid (guest star Jamie Pressly) who must elicit a proclamation of love from her mortal boyfriend or lose her immortality to a water demon known as the Sea Hag (guest star Diane Salinger). Determined to save the mermaid, the Charmed Ones cast a spell, unfortunately morphing Phoebe into a mermaid. Confused and surprised by Cole's unexpected return from the underworld, Phoebe finds a new sense of independence in the sea and refuses to return to land. 
Happily Ever After 
An evil witch from a fairy tale tries to increase her power by trapping the Charmed Ones in warped versions of classic fairy tales. Phoebe attends a formal ball as Cinderella and meets an evil Prince Charming, Paige takes a bite from a poisoned apple, and Piper has a nasty confrontation with a big bad wolf. 
Siren Song 
The Siren (guest star, Melinda Clarke), who preys on married men and their wives, puts Cole under a spell and Piper and Paige must try to figure out how to save Phoebe from certain death. Meanwhile, Piper and Leo's personas are switched magically by their unborn baby. 
Magic Wears a Mask 
A young boy (guest star Andrew James Allen) whose drawings magically come to life is forced to create a drawing that transforms a demon into a super villain. To help the Charmed Ones stop the demon, the boy creates a new drawing that turns Piper, Phoebe and Paige into comic book super heroines. 
The Eyes have It 
With her power of premonition gone, Phoebe seeks advice from a fortune teller and discovers that a demon, Cree (guest star, Channon Roe), is stealing the eyes of Gypsies in an attempt to reverse a curse placed on his father. Meanwhile, when Phoebe touches a Gypsy pendant, her powers return stronger than ever and she vividly witnesses the deaths of The Charmed Ones. 
Sympathy For The Demon 
When the Demon of Fear, Barbas (guest star Billy Drago) returns to seek revenge on The Charmed Ones for vanquishing him years ago, he manages to trick Paige into performing a spell that gives him powers to trap the Charmed Ones in the manor and use their own fears against them. 
A Witch in Time 
Phoebe inadvertently opens a tunnel in time by repeatedly saving the life of her new boyfriend, Miles (guest star, Ken Marino), who has been preordained to die. The time tunnel provides a pathway for a warlock from the future, Bacarra (guest star Jason Brooks), who steals the Book of Shadows and uses its power to kill two of the Charmed Ones, leaving the last remaining sister to reverse the chain of death. 
Daddy Dearest 
When Cole realizes that he must eventually give in to his evil destiny, he attacks the Charmed Ones in the hope that they will vanquish him forever and end his suffering. Meanwhile, Paige gets her first charge as a Whitelighter and is shocked when the angry, self-pitying man she is supposed to protect turns out to be the father she never knew. 
The Mummy's Tomb 
Phoebe falls prey to Jeric (guest star Adrian Paul), a demon in search of the perfect body to hold the spirit of Isis, his dead lover. To trap the spirit, Jeric mummifies Phoebe's body. Meanwhile, Cole tries to save Phoebe by making a deal with the demon. 
The Importance of Being Phoebe 
After kidnapping Phoebe, Cole sends a Shape-shifter to assume Phoebe's identity to help him manipulate Piper and Paige into giving him ownership of the Manor, allowing Cole access to the powerful Nexus located beneath the house. While Phoebe plans her escape, Cole uses his power to have Paige arrested and to make sure Piper's club fails to pass health inspections. 
Centennial Charmed 
In his twisted attempt to win Phoebe back, Cole casts a spell that alters reality, eliminating Paige and destroying the Power of Three. Paige suddenly finds that her sisters have no knowledge of her existence - Phoebe is trapped in an unhappy marriage and Piper is a demon-killing vigilante consumed with avenging Prue's death. Paige finally convinces Piper to trust her, and together they help Phoebe vanquish Cole forever. 
The Council of Witch Doctors makes a house call to The Charmed Ones and use voodoo dolls to lead them down various paths of self-destruction: Paige abducts her former boyfriend's fiancée and takes her place a the wedding, Phoebe poses for a magazine centerfold to increase readership of her column, while Piper almost destroys the manor when she becomes an obsessive cleaner. 
A demon attacks The Charmed Ones with dream dust, causing their nightmares to come to life. Paige is harassed by an evil clown at a baby shower, Piper has an affair and Phoebe is chased by a maniac with a chainsaw. The sisters must use magic to put themselves to sleep to re-enter their nightmares and unmask the symbolic meaning of their dreams. 
Special Delivery 
Phoebe and Paige go to a summit meeting with the leaders of evil and discover that all magic - both good and bad - has disappeared enabling the leaders to steal Piper's about-to-be-born baby and welcome the twice-blessed child into the kingdom of evil. Meanwhile, Piper goes into labor, while Phoebe and Paige must find a way to save the baby without magic. 
Baby's first demon 
When Piper's baby is nearly kidnapped by demons, Paige goes undercover to track down the kidnappers at a demonic black market, but is captured before she can vanquish them. The demons use Paige as a decoy to distract Piper and Phoebe away from the Manor to launch an attack on Leo and the baby. Meanwhile, Phoebe is smitten with her new boss, Jason Dean but is under fire when he questions her integrity. 
Lucky Charmed 
The Charmed Ones join forces with a Leprechaun (guest star Mark Povinelli) when they go after a demon who is killing Leprechauns and stealing their magic. To reward them for their efforts, the Leprechaun grants each sister good luck, enabling Paige to gain wealth, Phoebe to meet a new man and Piper to book a major rock star (Pat Benatar as herself) for P3. When the spell wears off, the demon casts a bad luck spell on the sisters and kidnaps Piper. In the meantime, Phoebe and Paige must rally the Leprechauns to reverse their bad luck and rescue Piper. 
Cat House 
When Piper and Leo see a marriage counselor to work out their marital problems, Piper casts a spell that lets them literally see the key moments of their past. However, the spell goes awry and Phoebe and Paige are sent back in time to relive Piper's memories. Unbeknownst to Phoebe and Paige, a warlock (guest star Zachary Quinto) is also caught up in Piper's spell, and uses the opportunity to try and kill The Charmed Ones' cat, their "familiar," which would permanently alter their future. 

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